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My daughter in law fell pregnant last year but unfortunately miscarried. A set of twins. She was naturally disheartened. My son more so because as a paraplegic, for him to bring a life into the world meant he was just as good as any  abled  person.

Having consulted Sina before, I was well acquainted with his abilities and sought his assistance. He resolved my entire family's pertinent weaknesses and voila, my son became a father yesterday. Thanks to Sina, my son now has joy and happiness in his life.'


Zaid from Johannesburg, South Africa
Attorney | Law Practice

​I had the privilege to consult with Sina Zadegan. I was highly impressed by his insight and quick resolution of my problems. Without revealing any of my challenges, he identified each one in order of severity and resolved some instantaneously.

Zaid from Johannesburg, South Africa

Attorney | Law Practice

I'm new to Kindled Spark Services. I was skeptical but optimistic. I trust Sina because I've seen, first-hand, his passion and talent over the years, as well as his commitment to his craft. I wasn't seeing results for my projects at work but I was exhausted from throwing effort at them. I consulted my mentors, business coach, and a therapist. I took courses to learn more and to be more efficient. Still nothing. I had hit a wall. On a couple of occasions, Sina helped eliminate some blockages and karma that were adversely affecting me. I began to resolve my problems the next day as if I were seeing them with a clarity and insight outside of myself. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt empowered. Sina even weakened my association with memories from a love I just lost so that I could heal without being distracted. I was spending long hours doing the final edits on a book and the pain level in my neck was at 8 out of 10. The coolest thing I experienced while working with Sina is when that pain disappeared right away, so I knew the service was valid. I'm a practical person and I don't regret trying something outside the box to add more value to my life. Sina understands how energy works, and applies it for me with compassion, so that I can be better at what I do. I look forward to my next experience.

Catherine Volz from California, United States

Author, Columnist, Founder & Executive Producer | Media Production

How are you?!
I have been trying to find some time to send you this email and had hoped to touch base with you earlier than now, but I have just been ‘speeding’ through life since our session last week!!!
The biggest update I can give you on how I have been feeling is – fast!!  I have had a lot more energy and have been getting a lot more done than I have in a long time!  I still have some ‘buts’ that pop into my mind every now and again, but I appear to be clearing them out quicker and just getting on with the task at hand... not letting things distract me as much as they have been of late.
Health wise, I still have the aches and pains but not as prominent or as strong.  I have been spending more time outside, bare foot and I have sprinted for about 40 seconds, three times since we spoke!  I aim to get to doing this every day by next week.
Overall, I can feel and see definite improvements in the way I think and feel, especially when certain situations arise but I know that I still have a way to go before I get to that ‘centred and neutral’ place that I really want to be at.
Thank you so very much again for your time last week and for steering me in a better, more balanced direction!

​Marta Fergusson from Queensland, Australia

​CEO & Founder | Music and Entertainment

I have just completed a 6 a month package with Sina, I have felt improvements in so many areas the strongest way to explain this is to use the way I feel about driving. Someone once told me that the way you drive is a clear indication of how you navigate your life, I was in trouble. To say I was a nervous driver is an understatement, I hated and resided it to a crippling degree. Now I grab the keys, I don't hesitate, make excuses etc. I go and it's not a problem. The sense of freedom it has given me is amazing. My self confidence is stronger, I feel more grounded and I have found my voice. As I said to Sina at the end of one of our sessions, 'will the real Souli Yates please stand up' that was exactly how it felt. I love the improvements I am experiencing so much I booked the next month. Onwards and upwards. 

​Souli Yates from Suffolk, United Kingdom

Life Coach | Health, Wellness and Fitness 

I can say that 'life' is very different. Increasingly every moment and full of beauty and synchronicity to say the least. I've especially noticed a huge boost in activity. 

                                                                                                                                              Elise Collarini from Pennsylvania, United States

Stay at Home Mother


My experiences with you not only in regards to health, ancestry, soulmates and relationships and more importantly change and being strong to change has dramatically shifted events in my being and further more aided in raising my vibrations and as my loved ones said today "I was glowing"!

Tyrone Thomas from Texas, United States

​Assistant Manager | Food and Beverages

Thank you! Trying SO HARD to open a costume photo studio at my dance studio, but it's so difficult and stressful and no one will help me unless I pay them (and I literally don't have the money). I'm so, so afraid because if this doesn't work-im done for and have seriously comtplated how I will end my life because I work soooo hard but have NOTHING. Broke, biz is terrible (I'm 2 months behind rent and barely surviving), no matter how much time and energy I put into marketing, etc. I'm 44, single, and no man has ever even come CLOSE to wanting to spend his life with me and I don't know why. I swear I'm 'normal', don't drink, don't do drugs, no kids, great family (altho they're aggravated at me because I can't pay them back), an independent, own my biz-which used to be super successful....so if this costume thing doesn't take off...then I'll get evicted because I can't pay the rent, and I'll have nothing and no one. 
BUT...today was the first time in a long time that I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe people will really like this, maybe it WILL succeed. Sorry for the long Whiney reply, but I actually felt hope for the first time today....

Wendy Reardon from Massachusetts, United States

Entrepreneur and Dance Instructor | Performing Arts

Was overwhelm by mundane matters the day before and forgot all about the activiations. Work up next day, and somehow the thoughts are different. Definitely felt different. Thank you.

Michael Low from Singapore, Singapore
Finance Professional | Financial Services

I have been feeling extremely stressed due to poor choices and lack of money for rent this month. Today I feel a sense of tiredness yet calm.

​Andrea Hnetka from Alberta, Canada

​It's been interesting to feel the difference in my reaction to some issues with my daughter and husband which usually create a much higher level of stress. The issues haven't been resolved but they are definitely less negative and more of a positive approach. I do feel a true sense of release with my ex though which has been really hard for me to do because of some things which he did to our daughter but today I don't feel as much of the disdain for him and especially not the amount of hate I had for him previously.

​Heather Beattie-Bonaparte from Maryland, United States

Independent Contractor | Hospital & Health Care 

I've had several small financial miracles since this event as well as a large one(full expense trip for my birthday tomorrow) weip? Hdigabtt??? Thank you!

Ally Sorochuk from Saskatchewan, Canada

Wellness Consultant | Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Thank you so much for this! This morning I have woken with less anxiety and will I keep you updated on any changes I experience.

​Jo-Anne Kirby from Australia

​Family: big issues lately, tears - got a call after noon and then the sweetest surprise visit from Grandson Emmett and his Dad.

Gina Imboden from Washington, United States

Completely motivated today feeling great! Landed a new job traveling the country. I am in Miami now! My brother is getting to visit his family for the first time in years my cousin is traveling as well now for work! Thank you so much Sina.

​Matthew Rabon from Oklahoma, United States

Warehouse Worker | Warehousing

I have joined the Monthly Group with Sina less than a year ago, and so happy I did. I was suffering from several challenges, and glad to say that I have overcome many of these challenges. I have felt that elevation in my physical intelligence coupled with high sense of enlightenment, intuition, insight. In short I have come a long way. I am enjoying now being in peace, having good health, continuous development in my physical intelligence, and fully aware of my feelings. Moreover, I no longer have predisposition to cancer, anxiety, and other physical issues. 

Mahasen Al Mahasneh​ from​ Rabat, Morocco
Entrepreneur and Coach | Health, Wellness, and Fitness

I had a session with Sina yesterday and he told me things i knew such as i had flat feet, trouble with extended family when young and my weakness with the opposite sex. i was going to tell him that i had sabotage from my father in my finaces but he told me before i mentioned it. His insight is amazing.

I also thought my kundalini needed to be inverted for some strange reason and without me telling Sina that ,he told me that my ancestors were interfering on the spritual realm and now i know why i thought that.i didnot mention thisto him either...
right after the session i felt stronger and more grounded.. ...


​I had my private session with Sina R. Zadegan 6 days ago, I was waiting to see the effects of it. I used to think up stuff in my mind like a military person but \i did not tell Sina that. He was able to see that with his insight and told me I was a man in my past life and in the military and he deleted that. Yeah it is gone now.
The psoriasis under my feet that Sina knew that I also did not tell him...yeah it is gone too.I have had it for years and it goes and comes..so I don't know but it seems to have disappeared. First I noticed that the dampness was not there and the soles of my feet were still dryish. My feet are healing up well. I thought it was gone because I can feel the vibrations of this condition but I thought I should wait.


​I have had two one on one session with Sina R. Zadegan at Kindled Spark Services. He helped me with the psoriasis under the soles of my feet and it is cleared up and new healthy skin is emerging.

I purchased his Enlightenment mp3 which uses his Method of Life healing protocol. I have had a skin condition called Lichen Planus on my legs.It is clearing up rapidly after continuous outbreaks for 7 years using this audio track.I am amazed and there is disbelief but yes,it is almost gone completely.

In his Group Monthly program, he takes personal requests for healing on his Friday group sessions and I asked for clarity around my life purpose. He strengthened my heart insight and as a result,I have been more energetic and feel more alive. The results are profound that I have had in only 1 month at Kindled Spark Services.

You can try it for free in his 'Ascension Academy' on Facebook and have your own experience.

Reenee Mahabir from Trinidad and Tobago
Entrepreneur | Vision Care, Optical Supply

I had a private session Friday late afternoon for me, It was very good and gave me insight into some issues in my life. Sina, is very insightful and accurate and after over a day more things are being relieved to me that validate the things he told me. 
Thank you,

Rick Baxter


I have been listening to and started following Sina R. Zadegan at Kindled Spark Services for about 3 months I went from just following his free post to KSS Group Monthly light. I have also had a personal session.
He has great insight and brought forth helpful information. I appreciate the efforts he puts in to helping others grow and improve their life conditions.
I have seen many improvements in my life situations in the last 3 months going from renting an apartment to owning a home and dietary changes to  improve health conditions. Sina also brought up some past life issues I had not been aware of that provided light to some current conditions.
All I can say is Thank you to Sina and Kindled Spark Services. I know once my budget is settled and I’m finished settling in my new home I’m seriously considering Subscribing to even more of his products.
Rick B

Rick Baxter from Florida, United States
Computer Stuff | Bunch of 0’s and 1’s, I suppose (humor)

The results experienced from my consultations  and monthly subscriptions  to Kindled Sparks Services have been impactful, immediate and monumental. I have received automatic strengths and deletions of numerous past experiences holding me back from an easier more fulfilling life. Though, I am everconstantly utilizing the method of life learned by Sina  Zadegan to work on my journey towards  ascension and mastery in conjunction with the weekly and monthly consultations I have never had anyone as direct, yet firm with getting to the underline causes to life’s weaknesses and whom genuinely  wishes for all focus to improve together by providing ample outlets such as: YouTube broadcasts, Google and blog posts, audio tracks, monthly membership coupled with  unparalled insight I have experienced thus far. He is unconditionally accepting of the similarities and differences that unite, yet distinguishes us; an unrelenting force in the journey to Ascension. I am a renewed version of myself and even with the tools acquired prior to know him served me well till that point, but nothing is stronger, faster, nor immediately applied to the binary level of life than the method of life learned and taught at Kindled Sparks Services.

Tyrone Thomas from Texas, United States
Assistant Manager | Service Industry