Kindled Spark Services' Referral Program

The KSS Referral Program Is Simple:

Refer anyone to Kindled Spark Services to improve their own lives and those of their family members and I will send you, via PayPal (with the exception of business/corporate referrals), a 30% commission on:

  • Argento Codes purchases
  • Private consultations
  • Business consultations

For business/corporate referrals, 
remuneration will be by check and not PayPal.

All commissions will be issued to you within 3-5 business days of receiving the fees from referred clients.

For example:

  • Commission on $4995 Argento Codes purchases will be $1498.50.
  • If the referred, non-corporate client books an appointment and pays $330, you will receive $99.00 in commission.
  • If the referred, non-corporate client purchases the 6 consultations package and pays $1330, you will receive a one time commission of $399.
  • If a business/corporate client pays $4290 in fees, you will receive $1287.

Kindled Spark Services' Group Monthly Income Supplementation Member Referrals

One of the many perks of membership in my exclusive community, Group Monthly!

Refer ANYONE to Group Monthly AND...

  • Receive a 13.5% commissionEVERY MONTH, on his or her monthly subscription payment...
  • For as long as he or she remains in Group Monthly


  • If you refer 10 people to Group Monthly:

You will receive $168.75/month in supplemental, passive, residual income EVERY MONTH

  • If you refer 100 people to Group Monthly:

You will receive $1687.50/month in supplemental, passive, residual income EVERY MONTH

For as long as your referrals remain members of Group Monthly!

What This Means for You:

​When you take part in the referral program, you join a movement and play a role in the improvement of those whom you know, and the WORLD, at large... 

And get paid for it!

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