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Received Content Marketing

Kindled Spark Services offers an advertising service called Received Content Marketing or RCM.

Received Content Marketing can be used in conjunction with your business consultations with KSS or as a standalone service.

What Is Received Content Marketing?

All of my consultations are centered on my unparalleled insight. If you are unfamiliar with that, please browse the plethora of resources on this website to learn more.

With the utility of my insight, I can receive specific wording for your campaigns with exceptional accuracy and precision.

Why Should You Use Received Content Marketing?

  • 46% of content viewers do not engage with the content.

Engagement with content does not necessarily mean commenting on them, but actively reading and receiving the message contained within.

This is why larger firms spend countless dollars on research and extravagant or silly ads to make an impression on the potential client. However, all of that isn't necessary in all cases.

That active reading, in printed content, is key to increasing your conversion rates for campaigns and blog-posts.

The same can be done for video content, and your Facebook advertising campaignwith Received Content Marketing.

With the over-stimulus of advertisements, you want your content to be more engaging and effective on all levels,  conscious and subconscious.

What Are the Benefits of Received Content Marketing?

  • The best terms and phraseology will be used for your targeted audience to ensure the best possible experience for your audience.

  • Reader engagement is increased up to 76%.

  • Content is be imbued and encoded to enable optimal outcomes and to, ultimately, increase conversion rates.

For Whom Is This Service?

  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Large companies
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Advertising executives
  • Facebook marketers

"How Can I Move Forward with This?" You Might Be Thinking That to Yourself.

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I will email you with an outline of Received Content Marketing and set up an appointment to further discuss.