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My daughter in law fell pregnant last year but unfortunately miscarried. A set of twins. She was naturally disheartened. My son more so because as a paraplegic, for him to bring a life into the world meant he was just as good as any  abled  person.

Having consulted Sina before, I was well acquainted with his abilities and sought his assistance. He resolved my entire family's pertinent weaknesses and voila, my son became a father yesterday. Thanks to Sina, my son now has joy and happiness in his life.'


Zaid from Johannesburg, South Africa
Attorney | Law Practice

I'm new to Kindled Spark Services. I was skeptical but optimistic. I trust Sina because I've seen, first-hand, his passion and talent over the years, as well as his commitment to his craft. I wasn't seeing results for my projects at work but I was exhausted from throwing effort at them. I consulted my mentors, business coach, and a therapist. I took courses to learn more and to be more efficient. Still nothing. I had hit a wall. On a couple of occasions, Sina helped eliminate some blockages and karma that were adversely affecting me. I began to resolve my problems the next day as if I were seeing them with a clarity and insight outside of myself. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt empowered. Sina even weakened my association with memories from a love I just lost so that I could heal without being distracted. I was spending long hours doing the final edits on a book and the pain level in my neck was at 8 out of 10. The coolest thing I experienced while working with Sina is when that pain disappeared right away, so I knew the service was valid. I'm a practical person and I don't regret trying something outside the box to add more value to my life. Sina understands how energy works, and applies it for me with compassion, so that I can be better at what I do. I look forward to my next experience.

Catherine Volz from California, United States
Author, Columnist, Founder & Executive Producer | Media Production

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Personal Wellness Consultation

Personal Wellness Consultations

During your consultation with me, you will have the opportunity to know the unknown causes for whatever problems that are affecting you. Then, the weaknesses will be strengthened instantly, based on the nature of our existence. Please view the FAQ section to learn more.

Your private sessions with me are life-changing and the changes can be perceived immediately.

Conventional means haven't gotten results for anyone for thousands of years. Now is your chance to take charge of your own life, take action, and begin to improve yourself, your family, and change your entire future!

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Personal Wellness Consultation
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