Executive Leadership Activation

Activate the Leader, Within!

Leadership is nothing to be learned.

It isn't something to be studied.

It is something to be improved, internally.

What Leadership Depends Upon

Leadership depends on the strengthof connectivity and integration of the following:

1. Quantum particles

2. Atoms

3. Molecules

4. Cells

5. Tissues

6. Organs

7. Organ systems

8. Organ structures

Within your body.

It also depends on the strength of connectivity and integration of each level, in that 8 level hierarchy, with the level above and below it, where applicable.

For example:

The strength of connection and integration of atoms needs also to be strong with quantum particles and molecules.

​The Connection

The connection between these components is both:

1. Physical

2. Across a distance (telepathic)

The transmission of information between body components across a distance, telepathically, is paramount. This mode of exchange is how wireless devices communicate, too.

The Benefits to You

  • Increased physical intelligence
  • Increased organization; internally, and externally, in life and in office
  • ​Improved memory
  • Commanding presence
  • Improved posture
  • Improved communication with yourself and others - critical to effective leadership
  • ​And more!

​Leadership Is Brought Forth from Within

When you are organized and integrated, internally, you will be an exceptional leader.

Do Away With

  • Books on leadership
  • Audio instructions on leadership
  • "Trust building" exercises
  • Restricting regiments
  • And other things that don't get results!

Consistently and Continuously

Improve to become the best leader! (You may have to settle for 2nd best, after me! [Humor])

Consistency is key to the achievement of consistent results, in any undertaking.

What Happens in Executive Leadership Activation

Life Is Binary - and the First Level of Organization Is Like a Bunch of 0's and 1's

0's Make Our Lives More Difficult, While 1's Make Them Easier

  • In Executive Leadership Activation, your body's weaknesses will be strengthened to, consistently, for as long as you are a member of this program
  • This includes weaknesses to:

>>> True Purpose/Relationships

>>> Money/Finances

>>> Time/Age-Regression

>>> Fitness

>>> Career/Job/Education

>>> Health

Including All

  • Physical
  • Family

>>> Disorders

>>> Diseases

In Executive Leadership Activation, Additional Focus Is Placed On

>>> The Strength and integration of physical components

>>> Business relationships

>>> Finances

>>> Career/Career Advancement/True Purpose

How It Will All Be Done

> Using my unparalleled insight, I recognize the exact causes for the problems and strengthen to them, with changes that can be perceived, immediately.
> I do this by prompting your mid-line to do the work.
> This can be done across any distance.

  • 5 days/week,every weekday, live recorded sessions will be conducted
  • Each session will be 60 minutes in duration
  • Sessions will be recorded, live, and made available for your viewing pleasure and future playback
  • Everything is based on the nature of our existence
  • Everything will be done in real-time
  • You will not need to be aware or consciously tuned in to the sessions to benefit!
  • All leading weaknesses, including their causes, will be addressed, during session
  • Due to the group setting, members will benefit from enhanced effects due to the synergy of a group!
  • Every Friday, you will have the opportunity to have addressed, live, any 1 concern that you may have had, and requested, throughout the week

What This Means for You

  • You will have fewer and fewer life problems, particularly those pertaining to leadership and corporate ascension
  • Your health will improve
  • Your fitness, internal and external, will improve
  • You relationships, business relationships, and family relationships will improve
  • You will become a better communicator
  • Will become much more efficient
  • You will do better business
  • Career prospects will improve
  • Fewer barriers to success
  • And more!

​You Will Be Sought for Leadership

Others Will Look to You for Guidance


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The Numbers

60 minute Executive Leadership Activation sessions can be compared to 60 minute personal wellness consultations, which run for $660/60 minutes, standalone. To have these, 3 days per week, would cost $7,920/month.

60 minute Executive Leadership Activation sessions, 3 days per week, as per the monthly subscription option, comes out to $43.75/60 minutes.

60 minute Executive Leadership Activation sessions offer a 
93.37% SAVINGS3 days per week, the effects of which are further AMPLIFIED due to the synergy of a group!

You are receiving a $7,920 package, for $525 per month; $43.75 per session day. 

The value added, to your life, is far beyond these dollar figures. You are investing in yourself, your family, and your future - with innumerable returns.

Why make a $7,920 package available for $525, you may ask?

To scale my services and make them mass accessible. The synergy of a group makes it more powerful and effective.


It is designed to make as big of an impact as possible because the goal is to create real, lasting change on an individual level and on a global scale.