Reenee Mahabir​ from​ Trinidad and Tobago

Entrepreneur | Vision Care, Optical Supply

Sina R. Zadegan yes [breathing clearer, today]. you are the real deal .I am amazed..I use your mp3s daily and you knew when I was not using them. Thanks for making them work once on if I am not around as I get so much more that way.


Mahasen Al Mahasneh​ from​ Rabat, Morocco

Entrepreneur and Coach | Health, Wellness, and Fitness

I have joined the Monthly Group with Sina less than a year ago, and so happy I did. I was suffering from several challenges, and glad to say that I have overcome many of these challenges. I have felt that elevation in my physical intelligence coupled with high sense of enlightenment, intuition, insight. In short I have come a long way. I am enjoying now being in peace, having good health, continuous development in my physical intelligence, and fully aware of my feelings. Moreover, I no longer have predisposition to cancer, anxiety, and other physical issues.

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Catherine Volz​ from​ California, USA

The Innovation Initiative

Author, Columnist, Founder & Executive Producer | Media Production

I'm new to Kindled Spark Services. I was skeptical but optimistic. I trust Sina because I've seen, first-hand, his passion and talent over the years, as well as his commitment to his craft. I wasn't seeing results for my projects at work but I was exhausted from throwing effort at them. I consulted my mentors, business coach, and a therapist. I took courses to learn more and to be more efficient. Still nothing. I had hit a wall. On a couple of occasions, Sina helped eliminate some blockages and karma that were adversely affecting me. I began to resolve my problems the next day as if I were seeing them with a clarity and insight outside of myself. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt empowered. Sina even weakened my association with memories from a love I just lost so that I could heal without being distracted. I was spending long hours doing the final edits on a book and the pain level in my neck was at 8 out of 10. The coolest thing I experienced while working with Sina is when that pain disappeared right away, so I knew the service was valid. I'm a practical person and I don't regret trying something outside the box to add more value to my life. Sina understands how energy works, and applies it for me with compassion, so that I can be better at what I do. I look forward to my next experience.