Do You Want to Be a Part of a Community to improve yourself and Change the World?

To Resolve All Disease, and Life Conditions?

To Have Certain Success?

People ask me what they can do to change a particular thing about the world.

The answer isn't complex. It's so simple that people can have difficulty with it.

What's the Answer?

Improve yourself and your family, first, and if you can, improve others.

This doesn't necessarily involve a monthly meet-up, or handing out free meals at the soup kitchen, but those are wonderful things, too.

Is There a Fundamental Way to Create Permanent Change?


Strengthening weaknesses for even a group of 20 participants can shift things for the ENTIRE collective of Humanity, not mentioning the compounded benefits to the individual and the other group members.

Due to synergy, the resolution of weaknesses within groups is more potent!

Not only will the individual benefit more from synergy, but also the group.

I am Building a Community of Thousands, to Take Part in Daily Resolutions!

Imagine the improvements we all will experience in our own lives, and the changes we will create, for the world, with a community like that!

This is where the Group Monthly community comes in:

  • In this group you will have greater access to me! (Yeah!)
  • Strengthenings are done, for all members, consistently.
  • 5 days/week we will do a 50 minute, LIVE, streamed resolution session.
  • The sessions will focus on the leading weaknesses for the group, in their order of import.
  • These will be things pertaining to wellness, defined as the following, the6 most important things in life:

>>> True Purpose/Relationships

>>> Money and Finances

>>> Time/Age-Regression

>>> Fitness

>>> Career/Job

>>> Health

  • ​On Fridays, the entirety of the 50 minute session will be focused on the group member's 1, individual concern, for the week.
  • Depending on the volume, the personal concerns will be addressed and shared with the group based on priority.
  • All sessions will be streamed live and will be recorded for future playback.​
  • Other strengthenings will be done throughout the week.

What Happens in These Sessions?

Weaknesses to any, every, and ALL

> Physical (including health)

> Mental

> Family

Disorders and diseases will be strengthened to.

​Everything is based on the nature of our existence.

What Is the Cost for Membership in This Group?


My personal wellness consultations run for $330/30 minutes. With this group, you get consistent, weekly, 50 minute group sessions, at a fraction of the cost, with amplified effects due to the synergy of a group! 

Imagine what we can do for the ourselves, and for the world, with this group, on this scale!

With a sufficient group size, we will change the world!

What Are the Benefits of Membership in Group Monthly?

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved clarity
  • Resolution of all disease (in time)
  • Improved finances
  • Income supplementation with my referral program
  • Fewer life problems
  • Improved health
  • Improved longevity
  • Greater clarity in regards to your life's purpose
  • Improved relationships with others and loved ones
  • Improved performance in your chosen field of profession
  • Improved expertise in your career
  • And more!

Join Us and Let's Change the World, Together!

Monthly subscription- $125/month 

($100/month for Argento Codes recipients - please contact for custom subscription) 

​​​​​​​The Math

50 minute Group Monthly sessions can be compared to 50 minute personal wellness consultations, which run for $550/50 minutes, standalone. To have these, every weekday, would cost $11,000/month.

50 minute Group Monthly sessions, every weekday, with the monthly subscription option, comes out to $6.25/50 minutes.

50 minute Group Monthly sessions offer a
SAVINGS, 5 days per week, the effects of which are further AMPLIFIED due to the synergy of a group!

You are receiving an $11,000 package, for $125 per month; $6.25 per weekday.

The value added, to your life, is far beyond these dollar figures. You are investing in yourself, your family, and your future - with innumerable returns.

Why do I make an $11,000 package available for $125, you may ask?

To make my services mass accessible.

It is scaled to make as big of an impact as possible because the goal is to create real, lasting change on an individual level and on a global scale.

Join, TODAY!

And Start Improving Yourself and Change the World!

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Group Monthly Member Experiences

The pain is ℅100 gone.  💗 💗

Venerina Latino from Ontario, Canada

I am no longer in a deep depression. Anxiety and panic almost gone. Suicide for my daughter and I - gone. I wasn't talking with my husband and wanted to leave. We talk, hug, say I love you now. Most of the time I find him enjoyable haha ! I also quit smoking...

Kathleen Aguilar from Texas, United States
United States Air Force (Retired), Care Giver | Defense and Space, Hospital and Healthcare

I still need to make it to a session finally which I haven't because of work but so far I have felt better like things are running smoother in my life though I'm having a bit of a hard time explaining it.

Kamila Sakwa from Illinois, United States

Join Us, Change Your Life, Be a Part of Something Great and Let's Change the World, Together!

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