Group Monthly - Light

Resolution of All Disease and Life Conditions

And Your Key to Financial Success!

I've received some comments from people whom would love to improve themselves, their families, and those around them, in Group Monthly, but they just can't afford it or my other services.

Does That Sound Like You?

You want to be vested and invested in yourself, to improve on a regular basis, right?


Group Monthly - Light is for you!

What Happens Inside

You will improve, your weaknesses strengthened to, consistently.

Everything is based on the nature of our existence.

Life Is Binary

And the first level of organization of our existence is like a bunch of 0's and 1's.

0's Make Life More Difficult - 1's Make Life Easy

And that is the purpose of this group!

To make your life easier!

​Let's Face It

Talking about something doesn't resolve it.

Other imitation systems don't get results.

And the "surefire" systems of internet marketers don't get results for all of their clients.

Why Is that?

Because there are a lot of things that your body can be weak to, things in your past, which can affect every aspect of your life.

Yes - the past is, still, occurring and affecting you, all the time! It is the nature of time!

Until Those Weaknesses Are Resolved

Obtaining your goals will be more difficult.

When Strong, the Ideas and Answers Will Just Come to You

You Have to Take Action

​And do it right!

It's Not About Psychology...

It's NOT about repeating affirmations...

It's NOT about building habits.

It's About Consistency and the Nature of Our Existence

In Group Monthly - Light

  • The otherwise unknown causes for your life's problems will be strengthened to, in their order of importance
  • Everything is based on the principles of the nature of our existence

​Weakesses Will Be Strengthened to, in Real-Time and You Can Perceive the Changes as They Happen!

​There Will Be:

  • A principal focus on finances for the group
  • 3​ formal, live sessions per week

Each live session is 30 minutes in duration

Weaknesses to the Following Will Be Addressed​​

>>> True Purpose/Relationships

>>> Finances

>>> Time/Less Aging

>>> Fitness (internal and external)

>>> Career

>>> Health

Including All...

  • Disorders
  • Diseases

Of body as well as those pertaining to family.

Upon Your Financial Successes

Or at the appropriate time...

You may wish to transfer to Group Monthly.

But you don't have to.

You can think of it as a graduation!

In Group Monthly, we do MUCH, much more!​​

What Are the Costs for Membership?

Just $15/month

I know, right?!

Who comes up with these numbers???

​I receive them via my insight!

What Will You Get out of This Group?

  • Reduced stress
  • Fewer life problems
  • Elimination of all disease (in time)
  • Greater harmony with others
  • Increased financial freedom (in time)
  • Knowing your own action plan - the answers will come to you, with greater ease
  • Improved health
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced susceptibility to fraud
  • Improved intuition and insight
  • Improved relationships
  • And more!

... Real, lasting change!

​And you can supplement your income, with an 18% commission!

Get Started, Today!

And Start Creating Your Good Fortune!

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Still Not Convinced?

Try the FREE Sampler!

I am no longer in a deep depression. Anxiety and panic almost gone. Suicide for my daughter and I - gone. I wasn't talking with my husband and wanted to leave. We talk, hug, say I love you now. Most of the time I find him enjoyable haha ! I also quit smoking...

Kathleen Aguilar from Texas, United States
United States Air Force (Retired), Care Giver | Defense and Space, Hospital and Healthcare

Group Monthly

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Take Action Now and Change Your Future!

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The Math

30 minute Group Monthly - Light sessions can be compared to 30 minute personal wellness consultations, which run for $330/30 minutes, standalone. To have these, 3 days per week, would cost $3,960/month.

30 minute Group Monthly - Light sessions, 3 days per week, as per your subscription, comes out to $1.25/30 minutes.

30 minute Group Monthly - Light sessions offer a 
99.62% SAVINGS3 days per week, the effects of which are further AMPLIFIED due to the synergy of a group!

You are receiving a $3,960 package, for $15 per month; $1.25 per session day. 

The value added, to your life, is far beyond these dollar figures. You are investing in yourself, your family, and your future - with innumerable returns.

Why do I make a $3,960 package available for $15, you may ask?

To make my services mass accessible and more affordable to you.

It is scaled to make as big of an impact as possible because the goal is to create real, lasting change on an individual level and on a global scale.

Before the group our family struggled each week with money to pay bills ect we went without for alot of basic needs. Haven't seen my oldest son in over 6 years and havent met my Granddaughters They live a long way and never had the money to visit But next week I am flying over to met them 😊Happy Dance 😊 That just One thing that has changed.Hubby now has more work so there is extra money .Yesterday was Youngest sons Birthday and we all as a family went to a kids gym fun center Never had money for that sort of thing  😊 (he turned 5 ) And the kids had a great time 😊

Mellissa Anne from Queensland, Australia
Hairdresser and Entrepreneur | Cosmetics, Fashion, and Design

​Group Monthly - Light

I have joined the Monthly Group with Sina less than a year ago, and so happy I did. I was suffering from several challenges, and glad to say that I have overcome many of these challenges. I have felt that elevation in my physical intelligence coupled with high sense of enlightenment, intuition, insight. In short I have come a long way. I am enjoying now being in peace, having good health, continuous development in my physical intelligence, and fully aware of my feelings. Moreover, I no longer have predisposition to cancer, anxiety, and other physical issues.

Mahasen Al Mahasneh from Rabat, Morocco
Entrepreneur | Health, Wellness and Fitness

Group Monthly