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Frequently asked questions

Q: To whom does Kindled Spark Services cater?

A: Kindled Spark Services (KSS) assists anyone, from every walk of life; personally and professionally. KSS also provides consultations to businesses.

Q: How will consultations be done?

A: Personal wellness consultations: On a 1-on-1 basis via telephone or Skype. Group Monthly is also an excellent and very, very potent platform for change and improvement. Business consultations can be held in person or via video conference.

Q:​ Being an international consultancy, in what languages will you communicate with clients?

A: English. If a client is not able to verbally communicate (hearing impaired) or speak English, should the need arise, I will use visual cues or Google Translate to gauge the client's perception of the achieved results in a brief and simplified manner.

About Business Consultations

Q: What can I expect from business consultations?

A: Once you have filled out the form on this page, you will be later contacted to set up an appointment to further discuss the process in person.

During this dialogue, the 15 points that are assessed as part of Kindled Spark Services' business consultations will be elaborated upon. Once we are in agreement with all terms, we will move forward.

​Your business, as pertaining to the outlined points in your agreement with KSS, will be assessed and plans of action, implemented. These include employee efficiency, company presence, marketing and SEO, the relationship between management and company employees, increasing profits, cost reduction strategies, branding strategies, campaign timing, planetary alignments/astronomical events, and so forth.

Whatever comes up as is appropriate, will be addressed.

Future trends can be determined, evaluated, and the likelihood of desirable outcomes can be improved​

About Personal Wellness Consultations

All consultations are based on the nature of our existence. Please see below for more details.

About the Methods, Employed, and the Nature of Our Existence

Q: What Is This Method of Life?

A: The Method of Life is Humanity's innate ability - it is applicable to ALL life. It is the amalgamation of thousands of years of wisdom, kept hidden from the public. It isn't copyrighted because it is the nature of humankind, of life, which cannot be copyrighted or claimed as one's own. You, simply, experience it and gain expertise with it, as I have and can teach others and facilitate change, for them, based on this very nature. It is a science, and it is potent. It is based on the physical reality of our world.

Q: So, how does all of that work?

A: We are like organic computers and live in a computer-like system. Weaknesses can be strengthened, "deleted", while desirable, much like operating a personal computer. All of this is done without the need for meditation, ritual, and step-wise psychological routines and practices.

Your body has innate, physical intelligence. Through the working basics of this method, I focus on the recipient's mid-line, which is the central processing unit, or CPU, of the body, and it makes the corrections and strengthens to the weaknesses affecting your body, your circumstances, and your life.

These are conditions affecting your relationships, health, finances, fitness, time (aging), and career/purpose etc.

Q: Can you go further in depth into how the strengthenings are carried out?

A: Everything in existence is energy. This is nothing esoteric, it is a Truth of the nature of the Universe.

Life's primary level of organization is like a binary code; like a string of 0's and 1's. 

In reality, they are just "streams" of high and low energy light.

The 0's correspond to states of low energy, or weakness, and the 1's correspond to states of high energy, or strength. 

The point is to turn your weaknesses into strengths. This is accomplished with the accurate and precise direction of your body's innate intelligence, prompting it to resolve the weaknesses; in effect, turning 0's into 1's. 

All of this is accomplished over any distance, without the need for physical contact or dialogue.

Changes can be perceived immediately.

Q: Will you be giving me any advice on what I should do and when?

A: The most beneficial means are to resolve the weaknesses that are making it more difficult for you to consciously acknowledging things, yourself. This is the most effective method: Assisting you in resolving the weaknesses that stand between you and your own knowing, along with the resolution of weaknesses that are making it more difficult for you to move in a direction of improvement. 

Q: Why should I care about those 0's anyway? So what if I have weaknesses?

A: Weaknesses do just that, they weaken you and drain your energy. When you resolve them, you will have more energy. Your energy determines your experiences, which actions you take and how they affect you.

What you are strong to, you will undertake with greater ease. What you are weak to, you may experience with difficulty or not experience at all.

You navigate the course of your life by these principles. Weaknesses in one area of life can cause difficulty in other seemingly unrelated aspects of your life. They may also make it more difficult for you to accept opportunities or obtain those things that you wish to obtain. This is why the Method of Life is incredibly beneficial because it takes a fundamental approach to resolving your issues.

In fact, it is the only way to create any change.

Change occurs through corrections made, in the binary level, the primary level of organization of our existence, consciously or subconsciously.

When we take a conscious approach, and do it intently, wonderful things happen. 

Q: How do you identify my weaknesses?

A: Through feeling, perception, and intuition - together as insight

Using my unparalleled insight, then, your leading weaknesses are addressed, in their order of importance.

Q: Why is energy so important in maintaining wellness?

A: Everything is energy.

Q: From where do my complications arise?

A: You are a multidimensional Being with 2 levels of consciousness: Physical and Spiritual. 

Weak experiences from your past, affecting your body now, contribute to the weaknesses of life: Your future is constantly repeating your past because time is consistent - the past is, still, occurring.

Delete these experiences from your past and you will further perfect and pre-determine your future.

Your current income may be limited because of fears of a certain level of wealth and what you envision that lifestyle brings. Your mental disorder may not be caused by you. Your anxiety may not be due to what you think it is.

The Method of Life is unique because it takes an all encompassing approach; it recognizes the fundamentals of life.

Your "health", prosperity, ability to fit in in your life, relationships, and freedom from pain can all be addressed and resolved!

Q: Can this be used on anyone or do they have to 'believe' in this sort of thing? I'm not so sure about all this.

A: The Method of Life is applicable to anything with consciousness

This method can be used to strengthen ourselves, friends, family, pets, plants, adjust the Feng Shui of our homes, and etc. 

And NO, you don't have to believe in any of this for it to work
If you may not be perceiving changes, we can resolve the causes for that.

Q: What about my religion? Is this system reserved for particular religious beliefs?

A: This process, this method is non-denominational

Q: Can the Method of Life be used on any individual, of any gender or age?

A: Yes. 

This system is beneficial even for pregnant women and children. In fact, you can strengthen a fetus to ensure that it does not develop any birth defects or anomalies. You can also strengthen children to not be affected by the weakening influences of parents and family members. The same applies to pets, plants, and any being with consciousness.

Q: Can this method assist me in increasing my income and meeting my goals for material success?

A: Absolutely. 

One of the most important aspects of life is fulfillment: Needs, wants, and desires. 

Obtaining what you need, want, and desire can be addressed and weaknesses to them can be resolved.