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Argento Codes Recipient experiences

Update with the Argento codes.

Today has been really sunny so I went on a walk for a few hours. I found a place to sit with the sun directly on my face and started to delete weaknesses for like an hour. I worked on pretty much everything I could think of that I have been suffering with.

When I got up and started to walk back home I felt so incredibly fresh. I felt like a new person. The oxygen in my body was flowing effortlessly, without force. And my whole body just felt at peace. I then started to do the simple first Tai Chi movement and working on breathing in prana. It was such a peaceful experience. On my walk back I seriously started thinking about first going vegetarian. I literally just got back. Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods I cut up two apples and poured that coke I made earlier down the sink. I usually end up choking when I drink. But when I made myself a glass of water and drank it It went down effortlessly. I feel new. Been working on speed a lot so hopefully I can create more of this. If this is what mindlessness feels like I'm going to start a routine of doing this every day and sitting in outside and deleting things.

To sum up, lifestyle choices has been the first effect of consciously using the Argento codes. That and breathing and general physical fitness feels stronger and renewed. Next step is CV fitness. Thinking I should start running soon.

Charlie Lawrence from Suffolk, United Kingdom

I've noticed I am not triggered by some things that triggered me in the past. Also, several of my friendships have become closer. I heard from an old flame who said he had been thinking of me and might want to hire me for help with a project (not sure if there is anything romantic left with us but it was nice to hear from him). And, I was able to forgive someone I had been angry at for years. More excellent results from the Argento Codes!


​​Been meaning to share this, but forgot about it until now:

A few weeks ago, post-flu congestion had settled in my lungs, making it difficult to breathe. One night I woke up so congested I could feel panic ready to set in that I would not be able to breathe. Focusing on my midline, I made myself strong to panic, strong to fear, strong to anxiety. The panic-y feeling totally disappeared. It took only a few seconds.

Linda W from Massachusetts, United States
Entrepreneur and Instructor | Health and Wellness

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Argento Codes

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The Argento Codes

It's time that we kick things up a few notches.

It's time that we speed up the improvement of our personal lives, our professional lives, and our global community.

By this point, after browsing through this website, you may have made yourself familiar with the nature of our existence, which is at the heart of Kindled Spark Services' personal wellness consultations.

If you have not made yourself familiar with that, please visit the About KSS page, the FAQ section, the KSS YouTube channel, and the KSS blog (CamelLot, particularly this post about the nature of our existence), linked to here, and available at the top of this page, for further details.

The Argento Codes Accelerate Everything

Whether you already are a wellness and self-improvement consultant, or you are interested in having the necessary tools to improve ALL aspects of your life, around-the-clock, PERMANENTLYFULLY AUTOMATICALLY, the Argento Codes are for you!

The Argento Codes will make your mid-line, your spinal cord, PERMANENTLY, FULLY AUTOMATIC, saving you the time and effort of going from manual to automatic, from automatic to fully automatic, and from fully automatic to permanently, fully automatic, as will be the case without the Argento Codes.

What You Get with the Argento Codes

  • You will receive all of the downloads necessary for you to become consciously proficient with the methods, in time.
  • These will be downloaded right into your central nervous system and all physical components.
  • You will receive a series of downloads, and everything necessary to be resolved, will be resolved in order to make your mid-line permanently, fully automatic, in an instant.
  • Your kundalini will be awakened, too.

Your Mid-Line Is Your Central Processing Unit

It is your spinal cord.

What Will the Argento Codes Do for You?

Mastery can take many years.

People don't realize just how much time and action is necessary to resolve all life weaknesses, in order to perfect and ascend their bodies.

Getting to a point where your mid-line is permanently, fully automatic, itself, can take years.

You don't want to be stuck in a rut, even if you think you know what you're doing.

The Argento Codes automate EVERYTHING... WITHOUT the need for conscious awareness of the general or specific weaknesses and their causes.

If you want or desire to resolve something consciously, you will be able to once your insight is restored, in time.

Your Insight Will Be Restored, Automatically, with the Argento Codes

In time.

With the Argento Codes, You Will Begin to Strengthen Your Body to All Life Weaknesses Including the 6 Most Important Things in Life:

1) True Purpose/Relationships

2) Money/Finances

3) Time/Less Aging/Age Regression

4) Fitness

5) Career

​6) Health

Along with, well, all else.

And you will continue to strengthen to these, into the future, permanently, fully automatically until all weaknesses are resolved.

Other Benefits of the Argento Codes

  • Elimination of stress, in time
  • Greater sense of calm
  • Restoration of insight, in time - automatically
  • Permanent resolution of physical centeredness
  • Resolution of family related weaknesses, in time
  • Resolution of cause-effect
  • Greater certainty in regards to your life's purpose
  • Receivership of freedom
  • Ability to give freedom to others
  • Improved integration of physical components
  • Improved leadership
  • Reprogramming for enlightenment, which is of body
  • Greater sense of Self
  • Ability to, fully automatically, strengthen those in your vicinity and those at a distance
  • ​Faster recuperation from illness, injury, and physical exertion
  • Fewer limitations
  • Strengthening to reduce, stop, and reverse aging, in time
  • Increasing of physical intelligence
  • And MORE!

​How Will the Argento Codes Do What They Will Do?

They will completely reprogram your body and restore permanent, full automation to your mid-line and body WITHOUT THE LEARNING CURVE of the Method of Life.

Everything that is necessary for that will be resolved prior to the download of the Argento Codes, including all relevant cause-effect.

Insight will not be necessary for the resolution of your weaknesses, but weaknesses to insight will be strengthened so that you can restore it and further improve it.

You Will Receive Support

Upon receiving the Argento Codes, you will receive support from me!

You will be scheduled for Four, 1-on-1, personal consultations to take a look at other necessities and go over the basics. These will be FREE and this option is available to those whom make the one-time payment, in full.

Those whom will purchase the Argento Codes on a payment plan will also receive 4, FREE personal consultations and the download of the Argento Codes will be given upon the last payment, during the final consultation.

What Are the Costs?


Further Additions

In addition to receiving the Argento Codes, you are encouraged (but not required) to join Kindled Spark Services' Group Monthly or Group Monthly - Light communities.

What Else Can You Expect from the Argento Codes?

  • Increase in speed of improvement
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Improved health
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved prospects of receiving and enjoying greater financial security, in time
  • Reduced aging
  • Improvement of your family, community, and the world, at large
  • Awakening of your kundalini
  • And more!

The World Is at a Crossroads

And it's time that we speed things up. Not just for ourselves, not just for our families, communities, but for our planet and this Universe we call home.

The More We Improve, and the Faster We Do It, the Sooner We Can All Realize Heaven on Earth​​​​​!