My first employment experience, in the 6th grade, involved finger staining papers, being chased by dogs, and streets filled with snow, up to my knees; you guessed it - flyer delivery! I started my first revenue generating enterprise in the 7th grade and was involved in a few other entrepreneurial projects throughout the years, since. In college, at the tender age of 16, I studied the sciences and microbiology. My college years were interjected by typical college jobs. After completion of my undergraduate education, I attended medical school, followed by business school, where I was enrolled in a joint master's program, concentrating in finance and business administration.

When I studied medicine, I saw how everyone was clueless and how people just play with others as guinea pigs.

When I studied business administration, I saw no one had a clue how to implement anything in practical terms. It can be difficult to believe the fluff that fills the textbooks and curricula of such programs to justify charging you what they charge you for a piece of paper to hang on a wall. Read any business organizational behavior textbook and see if you won't cry in agony. ;)

When I studied finance, I saw how stuck people are inside their boxes.

What's the one thing I took away from all of that education? I learned the definition of a favorite term amongst people whom want to sound savvy and sophisticated: "Economies of scale." Ooo! (humor)

You may wonder how some people become financially successful and seem to enjoy life more than others? Well, you can be sure there's more to it than how many hours you clocked in a classroom. And these things can be known and are known through insight.

Seeing how deep in the bog everyone is, I set out to do something about it. And I imbue that into what I do, in all that I do. First I apply it to myself. Then I apply it to others in my personal and business consultations. 

I now focus my efforts on the improvement of the lives of others as well as mine own; life is something that is meant not just to be lived, but to be well-lived and mastered. With my expertise, Kindled Spark Services brings change and results to the lives of others. 

In my spare time, I enjoy nature, video games, cartoons, classical music, foreign music, and spend time with my family. I am fond of foreign cultures, art, and...pastries.

​I looove cake!

My goal is to assist others in achieving their dreams, whatever they may be.

Sina Rasoulzadeh
Principal | Consultant | Futurist 

Sina Rasoulzadeh

My story starts with unremarkable beginnings. Born in 1986, in Isfahan, Iran, into a middle class, Persian family, my early years were accented by internal debates concerning the paradoxes of life. While other children banded together, I often found myself in solitude, frequently offering thought to the nature of the Creator; to the nature of "good" and of "evil", reward and punishment, justice and lack thereof. The meaning of life. I had many questions, and was left with no satiety by the answers that I was given.​​

After a stint in Canada, in 1991, I returned to Iran in 1993. Later, I, along with my family, immigrated to Canada in 1997.

Canada: A brand new culture. A new society. With negligible culture shock, I adapted quickly. I found himself inhaling a breath of fresh air - more opportunities and a greater degree of freedom and intellectual exploration was now available for me to improve and seek answers.

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Photo taken in September, 2017.