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 Ignite Your Inner Spark

About Kindled Spark Services

Kindled Spark Services tends to people and businesses, around the globe, whom are seeking results!

Results to eliminate obstacles to success and the enjoyment of that success.

All resolutions of problems are facilitated by way of insight to catalyze the progression of your goals.

Insight is composed of the following: Feeling, perception, and intuition.

Personal Wellness Consultations

To Resolve All Disease, Life Conditions

Wellness is an all-encompassing term. There are 6 things in life that are most important and health is but one. Your wellness depends on:

1) True Purpose/Relationships

2) Money

3) Time/Less Aging

4) Fitness

5) Career

6) Health

Wellness consultations will be facilitated by a method of quantum energy transformation based on the nature of our existence, methods, which have been around, and used by many, for thousands of years.

This method is based on the wisdom of the anatomy of the human body, the flow of energy throughout, and the crucial role of the innate physical intelligence to regulate and maintain harmony in all aspects of life. During your consultations with me, I focus on your mid-line and direct your physical intelligence to resolve the weaknesses affecting you. This method of quantum energy transformation enables me to accurately and efficiently identify weaknesses within your body, which can then be strengthened to, instantly, resulting in noticeable change and inevitable results. Please visit this FAQ section for more details.

What Happens When You Consult with Me to Improve and Make Your Life Easier?

  • I identify the exact, unknown causes for the problems that present, whatever they are
  • I strengthen them on the spot
  • Results are achieved immediately

What This Means for You:

  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Increased income
  • Reduced aging
  • Improved fitness of body, mind, and spirit
  • Improved career prospects
  • ​Enhanced health and MORE...

You can do this, on a regular basis, in my Group Monthly!

Business Consultations​

Everyone in the world of business is looking for an edge to set them apart from the competition. Intuitive consultants and futurists have been employed by financiers such as J.P. Morgan, past presidents of the United States, Fortune 500 company CEO's, and emperors of the world's largest dynasties.

And, yet, many of these former consultants did not have the unparalleled insight that will be available to you, when you consult with me.

What Do You Get When You Consult with KSS?

15 universal points in your business are assessed in continuous cycles (for monthly clients), in 3 phases.

Things addressed include:

  • Marketing (traditional marketing strategies are assessed, updated, and implemented, in addition to social-media marketing, received content marketing, brand management, personal branding, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, customer retention, and more!)
  • Staff suitability (whom should be placed where; current occupants of positions, improved)
  • Debt management (exact amounts to be paid and when)
  • Price-point assessment (revision of costs of goods and services, if necessary)
  • Contract terms and assessment (get rid of the old, out-dated, and no longer useful and draw up new contracts or add addenda)
  • Business development (B2B, B2C)
  • Personal assessment of management (improvement of you and other managers)
  • Physical location assessment (interiors, layout, neighbors, noise, etc.)
  • Astronomical events (planetary alignments of interest and beneficial windows of opportunity to take action)

​      > The ultra-wealthy pay particular attention to this one

      > “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do.”- J.P. Morgan, American financier and banker

     > However, KSS does not dabble in astrology. The placement of planets have real effects on our lives and I am able to identify windows of opportunity and make full use of them


  • Actionable solutions are proposed
  • Accepted proposals are implemented
  • Results are achieved, monitored, and continuously reassessed

What This Means for You:

  • Increased certainty of success
  • Saved costs
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced bottom line

The Kindled Spark Services Business Consultations Are Available in 2 Flavors:

1) Monthly for the term of the agreement (varies depending on the business)

2) 24-Hour Blitz (non-negotiable flat-rate)